Medi-Heel was founded in 2005 and its range of pedicure products have revolutionised the way in which spas conduct foot treatments for dry and cracked heels.

With Medi-Heel, gone are the days of filing and blading. And there’s no more dust. With a single, gentle treatment all the dead skin can be removed from the heel using a chemical foot peel.

The Medi-Heel solution uses keratolytic chemicals to soften the stratum corneum and dissolve dead skin cells. It’s a completely safe chemical peel for the feet.

Developed and manufactured in our labs in South Africa, Medi-Heel’s products are ideal for home or spa use.

Clients in all four corners of the globe enjoy silky smooth heels with Medi-Heel’s guarantee of softer, smoother feet with a single once off treatment.


Our exfoliator contains Alfa Hydroxy Acids (AHA) that will refine the texture of the whole foot, leaving feet shiny and smooth.
Designed to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging on the feet, the Medi-Heel AHA Exfoliator improves the overall look and feel of the feet.




Our foot protector is a medium weight cream that brightens and softens the feet, smoothing over fine lines.
Vitamins A,B5, C and E nourish the foot while the uniqe gel-powder helps lock in moisture, ensuring a flawless finish.




Add glamour to your feet and legs with this rejuvenating gold spritz.
The perfect finish to a pedicure or use it daily to add glamour to your feet. Medi-Heel Rejuvenating Gold Spritz contains a burst of shimmer to give your feet and legs a glamorous look and feel all day long.
The perfect wake up for weary legs, leaving them revived and revitalized.