The force of nature

All Henriëtte Faroche products have one thing in common: The force of nature. Henriëtte Faroche works with 100% natural etheric oils from the Faromatique range. These oils, also called aromatherapy, are pure extracts from flowers and plants and have an extremely intensive effect. This knowledge existed in China 5000 years before Christ and it is still applied widely today.


For face care Henriëtte Faroche has various product ranges that are specially designed for your skin type. Contrary to the commercial creams available in the shops, where you can select from a limited range without professional advice, Henriëtte Faroche offers a wide range of products for more than 12 different skin types.

The products and treatments can be divided into 3 categories:

  • The products and treatments.
  • The special treatments.
  • The Faromatique range with aromatherapy.

Your Henriëtte Faroche beauty specialist will give you personal advice to select precisely the right products for your skin.