Optima-518-Classic is an advanced apparatus which is used for Hair Removal and for treating a variety of Skin Disorders (Acne, Pigmentation, Vascular and more). The Optima Series is developed by Active Optical Systems, incorporating knowledge and experience of more than 29 years in meeting the market’s growing need for cutting edge technologies.

GEM – Geometrical Energy Management

Different from other Brand Named IPL machines, Optima-518 is based on Active’s patented GEM technology which enables a unique way of delivering energy to a predetermined target. The GEM technology is a breakthrough method that concentrates the bulk of the energy in a geometrical plane positioned under the skin, selectively targeting the hair follicles, the pigment spots, Acne pimples etc. Thus, no need to overload the skin with excessive energy (like other systems) and it is the key for painless and gentle skin treatments.

Medical-Cosmetic Treatments Programs

The Optima-518 has a Treatment-Preset-Selection-Program. This computerized system is adjusting the machine’s Optical and Electrical characteristics in accordance with the following treatment procedures:

  1. Pigmentation and Age Spots
  2. Acne
  3. Spider-Veins and Rosacia
  4. Skin Rejuvenation
  5. Tattoo removal

The Optima-518 Classic was designed to answer the needs of sophisticated practitioners who want to provide state of the art treatment to their patients on one hand, based on proven and tested treatment protocols and on the other hand to have the ability to reach new and improved protocols by conducting innovative clinical investigations.

The Optima-518 Classic, based on Active’s GEM-PL technology, sets the pulse pattern according to the selected treatment type, skin colour, skin photosensitivity and treatment depth.

The treatment protocols and different pulse patterns take into account the tissue’s TRT (Thermal Relaxation Time) and the combined knowledge accumulated from thousands of treatments done during the years and clinical investigations done to confirm the findings.

New Handpiece Design

The Optima-518 Classic is the first model to use the new Mark II multipurpose handpiece which enables:

  • Faster treatments – up to 0.5 Seconds between pulses.
  • Real-time handpiece temperature control.
  • Contemporary and stylish design.
  • Light weight design – 25% less weight to improve the therapists’ comfort.

GEM PL technology


The Geometric Energy Management (GEM) technology delivers the Light energy directly to the hair follicles located underneath the skin surface, avoiding skin burns and waste of energy on undesired tissues.

Safety Standards:
CE-MDD – International Medical Standars
IEC 601-1 – Medical safety standar
CFS – Government Health Approval
CSA – Canadian and US safety Standard
ISO013485 – Quality Medical Production
ISO9001 – Quality Management standard

Hair removal, 8-12 treatments are required to get optimal results (depending on hair colour or area being treated)

  Ladies/Men (prices could
  vary for men)
Single Treatment Monthly SKIN REJUVENATION/ACNE/
  (minimum 6 treatments required)
Single Treatment Weekly
FACE Full face R800.00
Brows (in between eyes) R70.00 Half face R450.00
Upper lip R180.00 Fore head R250.00
Chin (small area) R205.00 Nose R150.00
Chin (large area) R385.00 Full face and neck R950.00
Sideburns and cheeks R385.00 Full face, neck & décolleté R1150.00
Lip, jawline, chin & sideburns R800.00 Eye area (wrinkles) R300.00
Mouth area (wrinkles/lines) R450.00
BODY Shoulders & décolleté R900.00
Underarm R385.00 Hands (including fingers) R400.00
Cleavage R205.00 Decollete R700.00
Nipples R250.00
Forearms R500.00
Full arms R900.00
Half Leg (ends below knee) R1100.00
¾ leg R1400.00
Full leg R2300.00
Bikini and sides R540.00
G-String R600.00
Full bikini (brazillian) R700.00
Feather line R250.00
Navel R180.00
Feather line and Navel R300.00
½  Back R850.00
Shoulders and upper arms R1000.00
Stomach R1200.00
Full back R1600.00
Full chest and stomach R1600.00

* MEN HAIR REMOVAL: These are estimated costs only and may vary according to amount of hair and size of area treated